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You might be wondering WHAT exactly are 301 backlinks.. Ever used a service like, TinyURL or McAfee to shorten a website URL? Well, those are "301 redirect" links which pass link juice to the original URL. Most SEO gurus never told you about this one because it sounds too simply.. And WHY reveal a secret powerful strategy when it's working? Now you know, what 301 backlinks are!

Even Google has a URL shortening service known as - IMAGINE a site like this with PR 7 that is extremely powerful and authoritative, giving a backlink to your website/video/blog URL. The question is not WHY should you build 301 backlink, the real question is how many of them should be generated to your URL in order to help your website to dominate search engine competitions.

Thinking about building 301 backlinks, manually? Hey, no way.. It will take you weeks to create 100+ links for just one URL. While with 301Submitter, you can create more than 200+ backlinks for every website that you submit. You'll fall in love with this software for its speed, simplicity, reports and most importantly "RESULTS".

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Boost Your Website / Video Ranking With The "Guru" SEO Tactic AKA 301 Redirect Backlinks